Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pick a face any face.

"What face shall I wear today for the Gaultier show? I could wear my 00's face, all taut, grown up glamour, worthy of writing children's books and iconic electropop. No, I think I need something more retro. Something which harks back to my golden age of (Gaultier) conical bras, fingerless gloves and neon tights. There it is my 80's face. All pseudo pre-Goth pale face, dark lips and high eyebrows. Perfect. Now if I can just find my Dutchess of York Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson's hair I'm good to go."

1 comment:

Marcia said...

wow. if that camera angle was slightly different, one could see "all of her charms."

As it is, I'm seeing entirely too much leg... EW.