Friday, January 13, 2006

Food for thought

Now you know me Junkie readers I'll normally defend the truth of even the most spurious of celebrity rumours (Cruise an alien - 'tis the height of dependable truth sir) but this one stretches even my eager will to believe.

"Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are investing millions in Los Angeles’ cake shop Sweet Lady Jane, according to American publication In Touch. For their favorite bakery, not only that the twins have reportedly invested $2 million, but also are coming up with cake ideas for Sweet Lady Jane.Sweet Lady Jane’s bakers have created wedding cakes for celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Bruce Springsteen and Carnie Wilson." - from the Celebrity Blog

Mary-Kate and Ashley eat, least of all cakes? Unless Sweet Lady Jane make cakes made entirely from cotton wool soaked in orange juice this story must be fabricated. The Olsen's eat, ha!

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