Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pammie wants bust removed?

"Animal rights activist Pamela Anderson is in front of a campaign to have the bust of KFC founder, Harlan Sanders, removed. Not long ago, Anderson called the Kentucky natives likeness a monument to original recipe cruelty - in a press release issued through People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) - and vowed to appear topless at selected KFC outlets in order to protest the company's treatment of chickens." - The Celebrity Blog

I'm sure you'll agree there are a couple of amazing things about this article:

1) The Colonel is real? Why did no-one tell me this before, I thought he was like the Hamburglar (because Ronald McDonald is alive and well and living in Bahrain)?

2) Does Pam honestly believe that going topless is the best way to keep people away from a fast food chicen restaurant? Pam honey, it didn't keep them away from the Oscars or any other place you've been outside in daylight. Your knockers are not the best deterrent I can think of for putting a bunch of sweaty truckers off their fried chicken.

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