Thursday, October 27, 2005

You heard it here first.

Tee hee this is my favourite piece of Kate Moss gossip yet. Apparently ex boyfriend Johnny Depp has sensitively presented the super-waif with a mirror to congratulate her from completing rehab.

The part Cherokee smokin' hot actor allegedly said it was an old native American therapy to encourage a person to face themselves.

Not that I would ever suggest that Mr Depp's gift may have been misguided at all and certainly not an intentional dig.

In your face Kate Moss I'm H&M's new bitch

So this is H&M's replacement for Kate Moss. Ms Boscono is set to model Stella McCartney's new range for the budget high street giant.

The clothes are due to hit the shops on the 11th November and I for one can't wait I loved the Karl Lagerfeld range from last year, occassionally one or two pieces pop up on ebay if your interested.

Still i'm sure i'm not alone in maintaining my Kate fetish she could stuff any old thing up her nose and i'd still wanna dress like he. I think H&M might regret giving her up.

Oh love...

Kylie Minogue gold hot pants good, Danni Minogue gold hot pants bad. Enough said?


Well it was only a matter of time before our first Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes post so I better make it good since they are pretty much gossip blog bread and butter these days. The latest word is that apparantly after all the jumping up and down on Oprah's sofa, Eiffel tower proposal nonsence Mr Cruise is making his lovely new prego bride sign a prenup.

According to

"Katie will get a very generous check after five years of marriage. And the figure doubles at the ten year mark. Its his standard contract which Nicole Kidman signed many years ago. "

Truly romance is not dead, protect your assets Tom, after all who could really love you these days?

Kirsten Dunst - Have your say

Kirsten Dunst? Is she as cute as two bunnies wrapped in a kitten or is she as appealing as cleaning the toilet with your toothbrush?Most american blogsites seem to be hating Miss Dunst at the moment but the impression I get from the UK is that we love her quirky style.

So what do you think, do we love her wild drunken abandon and slouchy dress, Chloe muse, fashion thing? Or does she dress like a bag lady who needs her teeth done.

I think I might be for the former camp, I can't help it I know getting legless and falling down in a pile of your own vomit isn't big or clever but you have to have some respect for a girl who will go on record in the international press as having said this....

"I stock up on Veuve Cliquot champagne. I buy it from Costco because its cheap there. I have lots of alcohol and no food in my fridge".


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I give good boot!

As a follow up to the virgin fashion issue i'd also like to direct you to, as i'm sure all ladies in the uk are aware the monsoon/accessorize group make the most fabulous accessories, however this year they have started to introduce a line of shoes. Up to this point I just wasn't sure about them, they looked fabulous on the website but up close in the stores they are more than a little plastic, now whilst we all love a little plastic fantastic it just wasn't working for me.

Now however they have launched a line of boots and as i'm the kind of girl who gives good boot these babies caught my attention. They come in at arounf £120 and whilst I haven't seen any close up they are leather and at that price I hope they are as good as they look!

Our virgin fashion issue!

As a little treat for my new readers I thought I would introduce you to a fabulous shopping site that I like very much sell fabulous fashion forward pieces. My faves at the moment are the gorgeous bejewelled tees.

And just to entice new readers, because we all have our price, there's an extra 10% off when you type in the code NEW. Happy shopping! If you do buy anything why don't you get in touch and let me know?

P.s this site also ships to the US, although i'm not sure about the rest of the world.
Ooo ps just a wee post to say if anyone has any red hot or even any tepid gossip they must get out to the world just let me know and if I consider it hot (or tepid) enough for my discerning readers, then welcome to the Retail Junkie!

Hello fellow celeb gossip and fash addicts

Just a quick post to say we have arrived on the net. Hoping to be a one-stop shop for celeb gossip and fashion chat. Hooray, it's what i've been waiting for anyway!