Thursday, October 27, 2005

Kirsten Dunst - Have your say

Kirsten Dunst? Is she as cute as two bunnies wrapped in a kitten or is she as appealing as cleaning the toilet with your toothbrush?Most american blogsites seem to be hating Miss Dunst at the moment but the impression I get from the UK is that we love her quirky style.

So what do you think, do we love her wild drunken abandon and slouchy dress, Chloe muse, fashion thing? Or does she dress like a bag lady who needs her teeth done.

I think I might be for the former camp, I can't help it I know getting legless and falling down in a pile of your own vomit isn't big or clever but you have to have some respect for a girl who will go on record in the international press as having said this....

"I stock up on Veuve Cliquot champagne. I buy it from Costco because its cheap there. I have lots of alcohol and no food in my fridge".


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

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