Thursday, January 19, 2006

Birds of a feather

Scarlett Johansson is a 40-year old man's wet dream. Seriously, she'll let you grope her massive tits, and she works out by playing tennis to keep her body in tip top condition for molestation.

"Tennis is great. You don't even notice how much you run. You get a nice body, taut legs and great butt. I'll keep on playing if I find a good partner. But I want to win every time. I am very ambitious."

I want to hate her for fancying herself so much, but frankly, I also consider myself to have a great bod and hot butt and everyone agrees with me. So if Ska-Jo is anything like me, there are enough women baying for her, underpant elastic loosening, blood. So who am I to take down a fellow homewrecker? We ridiculously beautiful human beings have to stick together, As Angie once said to me.

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Anonymous said...

you're sexy, WE GET IT ALREADY! i love watching her revel in it now when she is 19, bc I give 8 years before she looks like Drew Barrymore's droopier sister. then who will be having sex in all the LA elevators.
ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muhahhaha! (ew)