Friday, January 06, 2006

This 'it' bag is sooo over

We at the Junkie are all well aware that it takes Britney Spears quite some time to catch onto stuff, i.e. perverts will love you if you wear school uniform, if you say you're still a virgin everyone will assume you're not, your husband is an ugly golddigging loser, so when she strolls out of a shop clutching a chocolate Chloe Paddington I think it's time for us all to stop coveting them. Seriously girls if Brit has it you don't want it.


Anonymous said...

your advice is dead on. i personally find it applies not only to 'it' bags but also to greasy hair extensions, eye makeup that you leave on for a month, boyfriends who have more than one babymomma & 'rap' for a living, and food. actually, i hearby nominated britters for a humanitarian award for inspiring girls to be richer, cleaner, and thinner by her cringe-worthy example.

The RetailJunkie said...

I might have to blatantly knick that idea and have a Services to the Human Race Awards 2006 issue.

Marcia said...

she is SO nasty! When is she going to disappear?

I have visions of her, 55 years old, showing off her belly button and fallen cleavage, crashing some red carpet and screaming, "I'm still famous! I'm still famous!"

Sad, really.