Friday, January 13, 2006

Do they think we're stupid? - They are so engaged.

There are only three reasons Cammie and JT would do this a) he finally go a movie roll without you blackmailing the producers, b) you've been away for a really long time and it's been a reallly long time (ya know I'm sayin'?) or c) after a half-assed proposal in your living room he finally came home with the $50,000 Harry Winstone Diamond. And the first two never happened.


Anonymous said...

that is clearly the only explanation. otherwise no way would you be so excited to see someone in such fugly shorts.

The RetailJunkie said...

Or who in all reality looks like, acts like and is young enough to be your son. I'd like to start the rumour right now that 24 years ago Cammie became an egg donor and that JT is her biological son. Take that Britney, you think your kids got crappy genes.