Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Baby got no back

Now you can call me fickle, and you bet your ass I am, but someone needs to do something about Nicole Richie. As much as I refer to Mariah Carey as a cow I only feel so venomous about her because she has someone else feed her for christs sake, it's not really about the junk in her trunk. But this horrible 7 year old boy chic is so much worse, I just don't want to see these pictures. Apparently DJ AM is coming to her rescue though. Nicole's ex has vowed to stage an intervention (not sure what this is but I'm hoping it's some kind of speed hotdog eating contest).

May I also humbly suggest you make her listen to a tape of 'Baby got back' over and over again in her sleep so that the subliminal message gets through.

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