Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Shock horror - Celeb marriage a publicity stunt?

Say it aint so, a contractual celebrity union forged for publicity purposes. You're breaking my true love believing little heart.

"Mr. Lachey signed over to Ms. Simpson all royalties from '98 Degrees' songs, his appearance on an MTV reality show to promote her albums and perfume line, and his soul in exchange for 41 months of marriage that would keep him in the public spotlight, The couple has been married only 38 months and Ms. Simpson is in violation of the contract, ending the union early." - Nick Lachey's attorney.

I bet all that stuff about Nick talking dirty and wearing girls shoes is crap too.


Marcia said...

where did you see this???

Anonymous said...

never one to doubt your supreme powers, i doubt this is true. if it was a set up, i think it would only be to aid jessica. it would be a perfect way to prolong the public from calling jessica out on her egregious sluthood, using that ol' 'NO NO -She's was a VIRGIN' excuse we heard from all the poptarts. PHEW, glad that sham of a marriage is over so everyone can stop pretending she is wearing clothes and not grinding against everything/anything that is shiny and/or invisible. get a mumu for christ's sake!

The RetailJunkie said...

The truth? I can't handle the truth! Only possibly made up comments which sound vaguely legal and offer succour to my gossip starved soul.