Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Top celebrity loonies

During a slow news week I know I can always rely on the quite frankly bonkers Gwyneth Paltrow to say something mind-numbingly stupid. Paltrow has apparently revealed that she and hemp wearing crooner Chris Martin are intending to call their new unborn baby Capone. Yep that's right Capone. I like to think Paltrow and Martin realised that their kid was going to face some serious bullying at Primrose Hill High for obscenely privileged children and decided to give the child a tough first name to counteract the inevitable school yard, macrobiotic lunchbox taunts.

And just so my day really goes with a swing Paltrow then announced that her London home is haunted and she is having a Kabbala Rabbi come cleanse it for her. I promise I didn't make this up, although I can't promise someone else didn't. But I can believe this coming from a woman who reportedly eats naked in front of a mirror wearing red string around her waist so she doesn't overeat. (Which is clearly normal behavior and how I ate my Christmas dinner, although Grandma Junkie was a little shocked at first she's taken it up wholeheartedly now.)

Update: In case you were wondering what such an excorcism might entail the super sleuth sources at Female First have the answer:

A team of Kabbalah followers are now expected to read psalms and blow a ram's horn as part of the exorcism.

That's just great.

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