Thursday, January 19, 2006

Paris pees her pants

People of the world I implore you to stand up for Harden Jamison, a Maui cab driver, who has been threatened by Paris Hilton's heavies after trying to expose to the world that her bladder control aint so hot.

Harden claims that drunken Paris took a leak in the back of his car after returning from a party with beau Starving Nachos. But after taking his story to the National Inquirer, Hilton employed, heavies got in his cab and thretadened him. Harden, obviously a hardened (sic) cab driver threw them out and called the police.

This claim will not just go away for the Hilton Ho as Harden has the towel he mopped up the pee with and has endeavoured to get Hilton back with her own DNA. Good show.


Sponge Girl said...

The guy doesn't have a case. Hilton dna is splattered over frat rooms, red carpets and exotic pets all over the world. Easy to get a hold of, and doesn't prove anything.

The RetailJunkie said...

Excellent point, well made.

Anonymous said...

why do i feel like joke's on us and Harden Jamison is actually Paris Hilton's stripper name.

Oh wait. Paris Hilton is Paris Hilton's stripper name!

The RetailJunkie said...

I agree i'm taking this with a little pich of salt. The name sounds a little too much like Hard on in my jimmie jams, for my liking.

Anonymous said...

pissy girl pissy girl paris is a pissy girl