Friday, January 27, 2006

Mr January

In recent weeks I have to confess I have become more and more attracted to Keifer Sutherland. As such, I would like to offer him the prestigious position of Mr Junkie January 2006. Not only does he possess a certain irresistible rugged charm but, like me, he obviously doesn't have that internal indicator which tells you when you've had one too many woo woo's.

Shortly before Christmas he was spotted destroying an enormous Christmas tree. But, his latest binge has surpassed even this. After sinking a few cheeky sodas he declared he couldn't pay, as his wallet had been stolen, and asked the bar to run a tab for him. He then proceeded to launch into a series of karate kicks in the middle of the floor. Concluding the evening with a plate of chicken wings, the bones of which he kindly left on the floor. That's my boy.


Sponge Girl said...

Oh Sweet Jesus, it's K-Fed's absentee father!

I'm going to have to lie down for a while.

Marcia said...

ok, when I saw 24 on monday, all I could think, was, "How absolutely wasted does KF sound when saying 'The following takes place between 12pm and 1pm'?" I swear I could hear the ice in his glass clinking as he slurred into the microphone.