Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This month I is mostly wearin' - Pearls

Here at the Retail Junkie we value style over fashion every time and so we introduce our new feature, This month I is mostly wearin'.

Decembers selection is pearls, white ones, black ones, grey ones, short or long they are always a winner. Audrey knew it , Jackie Kennedy knew it and the Queen (I don't mean Elton) always teams a classic string with her twinset (you could do worse for a style role model!)

Wear them this month with party dresses and look glam or wear them with a simple victoriana style blouse and look sexy secretary smart. They do happen to be in fashion this month and are in perfect keeping with the seaons new ladylike style but do yourself a favour and buy whatever you can get your grubby mitts on real or fake and I guarantee you'll still be wearing them this time next year. A timeless classic.

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