Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A girl called Maria

Now I'm all for changing your surname after marriage, after all before my nuptials I was formally known as the Retail McCluskey-Magoo-Nhasapeematpetalon so it was a relief really to change to Junkie. However, I really think X-Tina is taking this too far by announcing that following her marriage to Jordan Bratman she will henceforth be known as Maria Bratman.

Don't worry she'll still be professionally known as the perpetual sartorial disaster Christina Aguilera.

In other Aggie marriage news, Britney Spears has presented the couple with a self help book on how to have a successful marriage. Apparently the key is to marry someone who just wants your money, never washes/works and can provide you with a kid which will still be there long after he's run off with Lindsey Lohan (read: anyone else with some cash and no stretch marks).

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