Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Celebrity Wife swap

No no the title doesn't refer to what Jude Law and his Primrose Hill friends get up to on a Saturday night (although it probably does) but the Simple life's new incarnation.

Parasite Hilton and Nicole 'Boney' Richie have sold their show to American TV network E!. The premise this time is that the girls step in for a regular wife and perform all her wifely duties (no problems there Paris). The girls swap over and at the end the lucky husband gets to tell the world which Hollywood superbrat cut the matrimonial mustard.

Sounds good, maybe they can do it in the UK, they could step in for Debbie McGee and let the quite frankly bonkers Paul Daniels cut them in half, in increasingly embarrassingly attended magic shows, Brilliant. (Sorry to any US readers who have no idea who McGee and Daniels are, I couldn't even begin to explain.)

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