Thursday, November 10, 2005

The retail junkie's favourite new lush.

Tara Tara Reid, this girl is massive fodder for American gossip blogs, columns etc etc but in the UK we normally only get her cleaned up image. However on inspecting ( and I mean that in the most personal sense-check her now infamous nipple slip) her seamier side i'm getting to like the girl more and more. If you've seen any of her recent press you'll have seen her trawling the streets of hollywood clutching an excessively used suede prada lovely and a plastic bag full of tit tape and here's why...

"But you would think my boob had popped out and shot Gandhi!" "My hooters are under control. I'm taped up now, totally. I'm using double tape. Double double tape. My boobs are going nowhere again."

Now i'm not berating her for her fondness for one particular handbag either, don't get me wrong. If it came to it I think i'd have to forgo the newest buckled spangeled kid leather beauty for a few nights on the tiles. And I love to shop. Maybe me, Tara and Kirsten Dunst (see earlier post) should hook up and get laced..... Rehab anyone.

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