Thursday, November 10, 2005

Teeny weeny skirts

Following on from our new special request posts I feel I need to say a little something about excessively short skirts. Last night in the pub there was a girl with the most ridiculously short dress on, now not to be bitchy (ha) she didn't have the best legs (it's always the way) and the skirt was sooo short that quite frankly I began to question whether the colour actually matched her vulva.

Now girls (you know who you are), I sat and watched one horrified bloke brush her off and listened to my two male companions discuss the skirts various de-merits. The honest truth is that men don't want to see your"see you next Tuesday" before you are safely ensconced back in their love palace. At that stage get it out, wave it around, whatever makes you happy. The moral of the story is and I feel like someone's grandma saying it, a little mystery goes along way.

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