Thursday, November 10, 2005

Coming soon - watch this space

Got a problem? Need a shoulder to cry on? We at the retail junkie feel your pain. And just so you know we mean it we are endeavoring to solve all your problems. Whilst this may be achieved by pictures of drunk celebrities or a little retail therapy we know there are lots of people just dying to get something off their chest. So this is your opportunity, coming soon to the retail junkie is our very own agony aunt, fresh out of advice university she's full of good ideas. So get in touch, leave a comment and she'll try to ease your woes. If you don't post a comment you'll never know if she could help!

1 comment:

Hud said...

Hey you were my first comment person LOL! I would kiss you but you are too far away. Thank you so much for the post not sure how you found me but glad you did!