Thursday, November 24, 2005

Are you a Retail Junkie

So think you're a Retail Junkie? Well take our little test and see if you measure up. The original scientist who devised this test seemed to think shopaholism is a bad thing, but here at the Retail Junkie we like to provide a home for those who feel this little affliction should be celebrated!

1. You spend a lot of your time not only shopping, but thinking about shopping and engaging in shopping-type activities such as window-shopping or going through sales magazines.

2. You experience anything more than an hour a day of uncontrollable urges and thoughts about shopping.

3. You constantly experience a sense of pleasure or elation after a purchase.

4. You experience a high degree of guilt and remorse after the initial high has passed. The degree of interference and stress you experience is particularly important because it maintains the cycle.

5. You deal with the resulting feelings of guilt and remorse by taking things back to the place of purchase or by giving them away.

6. Your shopping interferes with your ability to work effectively and your ability to function in society.

7. You feel that things are out of your own personal control. Even if you recognise that you need to cut down on your spending and your credit card use, you may not be able to because of overriding urges.

8. A lot of the things you buy go unused. Quite often the pattern will be that a compulsive shopper buys not one pair of shoes, but the whole set because they can't decide which colour they like.

9. You constantly think about your next purchase, as well as worrying about lost buying opportunities.

If you said yes 1-3 times you need to try harder, 4-7 times is pretty impressive and 8-9 times you're probably me.

P.S Number 6 is my favourite, let me know how you rate!

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