Friday, December 02, 2005

Special request post

By special request by a Retail Junkie reader I post photos of Brit Brit, Federfug and child. Now I'm sorry the photo is soo small but it was difficult to get the right angle with my telephoto lens, then I had technical problems but if you look closely you can clearly see the baby. Now I know what you're thinking, the poor thing looks like a dog. Well I guess it just takes after it's father.


Sponge Girl said...

I though I was jaded, turns out I'm not. The image of Brit-nay-YEEEAAAH clutching her poor genetically disadvantaged bub made me want to cry. The poor infant did nothing to deserve such lineage. Sadness wells up in me.

Just think, in 20 years time baby Sean will star with his oft-separated, oft-reunited parents for a reality TV show called "We Used To Be Famous - Now Watch Our Dysfunctional And Supposedly Hilarious Shenanigans As We Try To Find Real Jobs While Using The F-word Lots".

Ah, jadedness reached normal levels. Spongey is back in action.

Sponge Girl said...

(I apologise for the typos. Not usually my style, but it's late, that's all I'll offer in my defence)