Friday, December 02, 2005

Diaz to take holy orders

Now I used to like Cameron Diaz, she looked like the kind of girl you'd want to be friends with. Messing around making up drunken dance routines, cruising for hot men in bars, pillow fights in skimpy jammies (sorry just got a little sidetracked there).

Anyway the point is I went right off her when she claimed that all Brits were promiscuous wife swappers, it seems she only knows Jude Law and Kate Moss and you can't judge the rest of us by their standards.

And so instead of being my gal pal she hooked up with Julie Andrews whilst doing the voiceovers for Shrek 2 and now is tipped to reprise Andrews role as the novice nun turned nanny in a remake of The Sound of Music. It seems she's tried to get current squeeze Justin trousersnake parts in most of her current movies so I'm looking forward to him popping up as one of the von Trapp children.

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