Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Breaking News

Sienna Miller, the Junkie's guest pubic hair public health announcer has shocked the literary world today by announcing that she has penned two lines of verse to read to lover Jude Law on Christmas, the one year anniversary of their engagement, which will melt even the most hardened womanisers heart. It goes as follows:

"We've had our ups and downs this year. But I'm so alone when you're not near.
You make me frown and make me smile. But I won't be down when we walk up the aisle."

Look out Shakespeare.

In other Sienna revelations she has admitted that she's always had a deep love of meaningful poetry and often quotes classic verse with friends.

"It sounds so pretentious but it's one of my favourite things.
I've got this group of friends who are quite bohemian and we get drunk, get the books out and read."

Pretentious? No. I've had many a night like that they often begin, "there was a young girl from Nantucket"

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