Monday, December 05, 2005

Robbie Williams is a sucker

Now may be in America 'sucker' is a totally hard, hip hop, gangsta, kind of insult but in the UK it's considered a pretty crap way to strike the fear of god into someone. Which is why I was concerned that 'fitty' may have harmed his image by branding Karaoke Bob a sucker. It's all a bit Mr T.

Apparently the feud arose from a night they spent together at the Ritz Carlton Berlin (ok not together but this is a pretty thin story). Fitty was distressed when he drove up to the hotel to the sounds of fans chanting 'Robbie, Robbie', later on that evening Robbie complained to reception that Fitty was keeping him awake, details of how he was causing the said insomnia have not been released at this time.

In retaliation Fitty, giving an interview to the UK's Glamour magazine, said that he thought the feud may have arisen because he refused to meet Robbie.

I pity the fool who messes with Fitty.

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