Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Angie baby

Oh Angie what have you done? This whole Brad adopting your cute kids thing. Honey you are too hot for him. He's too obvious. Is it because he was married? Did it give you a kick to steal him from Aniston, didn't that just make the sex so much spicier? But now settling down, I'd advise you against it but I know you'd only rebel (aside: she doesn't take advice well).

At least I'm pretty sure you two won't marry now. After all the non-married adoption process is a pretty complicated affair and why would you bother if you could just get hitched at George's lake como place? I can see why you wouldn't want to marry you two don't exactly have the best track record.

Listen Angie if you want to talk it through and have a rethink I'm here for you.

Oh and Angie if you speak to your dad (however unlikely that is) will you tell him that I think dating Diana Ross is an even better career move than starring in Anaconda.

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