Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's all over

Aahh how sad the family portrait we'll never see again. The stick thing and DJ AM are no more. I am actually quite surprised. I mean she got together with him when he was chunkie and now he's emaciated too they're over? What the hell? I believed in you guys and you're letting me down! I watched you surprise her on the simple life! How could you do this to me! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO MEEEE!

You're once twice....threeeeee times a lady and I looooeeeoooove yoou I looooeeeovvveee yoouu.

Phew I think I need a little lie down.


Marcia said...

I didn't think that Nicole was famous enough to have a broken engagement... but if Kimbo did it... and Parasite did it... how could she not?

Seriously, do you know 3 other best friends (former or otherwise) who've all broken engagements in the same season?

The RetailJunkie said...

Nope, and the word on the blogs is that Skanky McSkankerton is engaged again to Jack Osbourne! This is obviously a publicity stunt. But aren't they all. I can't keep up.