Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Conversation in a drag bar

I imagine when Tori Spelling went to her local drag hangout, The Black Garter, the conversation went a little like this:

Miss Take: Oooo girlfriend you are workin' those shorts girl mmm hmmm and who is your surgeon I am lovin' those BJ lips.

Lady Marmalade: Oh no biatch you did not wear your city shorts when I told you I was wearin' mine. I expressly told you girl don't you go stealin' my thang.

Tori Spelling: Mister sister you are soo far behind the times, don't you know the latest way to convince everyone you are a living breathing too wong foo thankyou for everything Julie Newmar WOMAN is a fake pregnancy!

Miss Take: Oh no you didn't.

Tori Spelling: Haven't you ho's been reading the junkie? Just look what it's doing for Katie Holmes career.

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