Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mo Mariah fo yo money biatches

I think Mariah's whole weight gain, increasingly smaller clothes look is all about providing her fans with some good ol'fashioned value for money. There's at least an inch of flesh here for every single person who bought the Emancipation of Mimi. More paunch for your pound if you will.


Sponge Girl said...

"Lemme tell you bitches how it is, y'hear now? I ain't shaking my lil' booty nowhere from this here lobby until Monkeyboy there with the fez gets me a proper red carpet and stocks every single toilet in central Paris with raspberry scented 7-ply My Little Pony ass-paper.

And you there, oi! Prance on over missy 'cause I need my armpits shaving and I'm just gonna sit here an' fart unless your entire Olympic team comes on over and serves my womanly needs for the next six months. And don't you even think of getting the reserves instead, I just had a cheeseburger and you know I'd do it."

Marcia said...

wow. That's some cellulite. I did NOT need to see that!

Merteuil said...

Much too early in the morning for me to see that leg shot. haha.

Sponge Girl said...

Right, junkie, where are you? I'm-a gettin' worried here...

Marcia said...

yeah, junkie - more than 2 weeks! are you on an unannounced vacation?

Virenda said...

Oh my that pic is too wrong.

I run a gossipy site myself and when I came across that pic I not only had to post it but laugh as well. Why she keeps packing on the pounds I'll never know but if she could just dress her size and if we are lucky her age, than that would make a world of difference. At least I wouldn't have to have cottage cheese images running through my mind, or stress over the Dortios I ate.

Katie said...

Hey Retail Junkie Where are you?!

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